Are you seeing warning lights on your dashboard? If the Engine Management light comes up on your cars’ dash, don’t worry! Simply bring your car to us at Price Motors and we will be able to quickly diagnose the reason why and get you back on the road.

Our diagnostic testing equipment is state of the art and our extensive training allows to seek out the issues behind those dashboard warning lights.


Modern cars now carry onboard computers that continuously monitor and manage components on your car. Sometimes though things can go wrong and produce an error.  These errors can only be read by a diagnostic machine. At Price Motors, our car diagnostic checking will pinpoint any errors and show us where the problems lie. This means we can stop further component failures before they happen which could get very costly.

We can perform diagnostic checks on nearly all makes and models of car. The diagnostic check Price Motors performs for you is equal to that of the main manufacturing dealerships, yet at a fraction of the cost.

If we find a problem after performing a diagnostic check, we will give you a free quote on the repair of the vehicle.